In Rail Recon, you are taking control of a reconnaissance robot tasked with discovering the depths and secrets of an old mining facility, known as "Project Tunnel". Communication with the outside world is cut, and armed only with a laser cannon you must fight through the facility's defenses to complete your mission.

  • Mazes of rails and puzzle-like traps make it clear, you are not welcome here.
  • Armed with a Laser cannon you must take out enemies on your way to the exit.
  • Collect crystals to power massive doors leading you to the next level.
  • Use your energy shield to absorb incoming fire, or destroy enemies by ramming them.



Rail Recon is inspired by „Elevator Action“ developed by Taito in 1983. Rail Recon’s developement was started by a team of first year students at NHTV in Breda as part of the study and is now being continued by a part of the original team. The Goal from the project brief was to choose a game from the 1980’s and re-design its mechanics and aesthetics, while keeping the dynamics of our Reference game.

Our goal was to make a new game, while keeping true the feeling of our reference game. We wanted to keep the pathfinding dynamic of Elevator Action, as well as creating a rather unpredictable game to make the player always re-stragize. This can be seen in the later, more open levels of the game.

To make this possible we created a rail based movement system with puzzle elements. Combined with combat, we limit the player movement while creating a need to repsond quickly and find a new path.


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